Mirrors are a great way to open up a space or add a unique appeal to the ambiance of a room.  Use the placement of mirrors strategically as they can add depth and light to a room.  Use their qualities to emphasize colors, enhance room features, and create a unique effect.  Keep the following ideas in mind as you integrate mirrors into your room décor. 
Expand your Space
The reflections that mirrors depict can add dimension to a room, making it appear bigger and more open.  Place a large mirror over a dining room table or in the kitchen to reflect light, making the room look and feel larger.  For the best effect, place the mirrors across from a large window. 
Create a Centerpiece
Using mirrors with decorative centerpieces will enhance the effect of whatever you decide to use as a focal point.  Place a beautiful flower arrangement atop a mirror for to enhance the eye-catching colors.  Create a unique effect by arranging an assortment of candles on top of a mirror.  The mirror will serve to reflect the warm, shimmering effect of the flames. 
Mirror Art
Mirrors can also be displayed in the same method that you may choose to display an attractive piece of art.  Place a large, oversized mirror in the corner of a bedroom or living room to act as a focal point.  Choose a mirror with a unique frame or border that adds an aesthetic and artistic component to the display. 
Mirrors are versatile decorative tools that provide a unique appeal.  These are just few tips on ways to utilize the power of mirrors to enhance any space for any occasion.  Browse our collection of mirrors to find the perfect piece to meet your needs.  

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