Votive candles have been in use since lights have been associated with religious practices. They became popular in the Roman days when they were used as vow candles, lit to indicate the consummation of a religious vow. They have since then became synonymous with the Catholic or Eastern Orthodox traditions where they are lit as part of the religious practices taking place. This classic candle was used by devote people that they prayed with in Ancient Rome, and is the same candle used today by the devout the world over today.

Today Votive Candles have been refined and allows for the same elegance of the classic votive, with the consistency and quality of today’s manufacturing technologies. They are available in 8hr, 10 hr, and 15hr burn times, in a variety of colors. They add not only a touch of elegance, nostalgia and sophistication to your designs; they represent a reliable and intimate lighting solution. They can be paired with variety votive holders of different sizes and design elements that can bring out your creativity and individuality while matching your design theme and color scheme. Votives are available today in LED’s for those events that are held in locations that do not permit open flames.

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