When your wedding design requires a lot of bling there are a dizzying array of options available to glam up every section of the day. You can add individual crystals to your bouquets, decorate your cake with edible metallic fondant paints, and drip twinkle lights from the ceiling like fairy dust. You can choose table runners and chair covers of iridescent fabrics too which will add sparkle in an unexpected way.

There are all kinds of ways to bring the bling to your guest tables too, but you may not have considered how you can use rhinestone jewelry in your tablescapes. Incorporating unique pieces like rhinestone buckles and starburst pendants can take your tables from wow to pow, and online vendors like millenniumcandles.com let you do so with very little additional cost.

Candles: Any plain pillar candle can instantly become a statement piece when wrapped with a single band of ribbon and accented with a large rhinestone buckle or pendant. You can vary the height of your pillars by size and by the height of the candle holders you choose. Be sure to choose candle holders that reflect light too, like clear cut glass or metallic. Tapers, ball, or floating candles can be decorated with individual rhinestones and crystals too. To make sure your ribbons, individual stones, and especially the heavier jewelry pieces stay put during the party, use low temp hot glue to affix them onto the candles. Low-temp glue is really important because high-temp glue will melt the candle too much, causing damage, and won’t secure the decorations securely into the wax. Set the whole display atop a mirrored disc to maximize the shimmer.

Decorative Twigs: If you’re looking for towering height in your centerpieces, use decorative twigs. Spray white twigs with iridescent glitter and allow it to dry fully. Then dangle starbust pendants from the branches. Thread some narrow satin ribbon through the top of the pendant and tie it to the twig like a Christmas ornament, or hot glue them directly to the branches for a fairy-tale look. Bury the twigs in tall vases full of decorative sparkle sand and you’ve got instant glam.

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