Cold candles burn slower so pop them into the fridge for an hour or so before lighting them. Wrap them in foil or cling film first otherwise the wick will become damp and difficult to light. You wouldn't want a damp wick, would you? Never stand a lit candle in a draught. Draughts create a larger flame and uneven burning; not to mention how easily they can catch fabrics alight.If your candle is too slim for the holder, wrap some aluminium foil around the bottom to make a tighter fit.
Do your pillar candles end up with high sides and a hole down the middle? To avoid this, always burn the candle for one hour per inch in diameter. That's the approximate time it takes for the wax to melt across the entire surface. In other words, unless you know you'll be burning your candle for at least 4 hours, don't light thick ones. If you've let a candle burn right down and the wax is stuck in the holder, put the holder into the freezer for a couple of hours and the wax should be easier to dig out. -
 If you like tea lights, try to buy the kind that have metal cases as these are easy to remove from holders after use. If you only have the uncovered type, pour some water into the holder before lighting the candle. When it's extinguished and the wax has hardened, it should be easier to pop it out of the container. You do have to remove it as soon as it's hardened though otherwise you'll end up digging at it with a blunt knife or similar.
 Spilled wax should be allowed to solidify. Once it's hardened, cover the area with brown paper and gently press with a warm iron. The wax should be absorbed into the paper. It's always a good idea to stand your candle on or in something non-flammable though as the dye from coloured wax can be impossible to remove.
 Extinguish candles by pushing the wick into the liquid wax. Spent match sticks are good to use for this but whatever you choose to use, don't let it be your fingers. Molten wax is hot. Leave for about a minute, then re-centre the wick. Using this technique eliminates smoking from the extinguished wick and covers the wick with a layer of wax making re-lighting easier. If you're in a hurry and need to blow the candle out, hold your finger in front of the flame. The air will flow around your finger and extinguish it from both sides, preventing splattering.
Never pour melted wax down the sink or toilet. Pour it into an empty milk carton or something similar and pop it in the bin.

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