What's a simple, inexpensive way to create a beautiful centerpiece?

Cube glass vases, also known as square glass vases, brick glass vases, and block glass vases, are just the right size to use in making a centerpiece that will adorn your table for any occassion. The cube vases are no longer just plain generic pieces; they now come in many sizes, designs and shape; for example, square vase, block vase, and rectangular vase. They can be found in most art & craft shops and on the Web. Make sure to choose the type of cube that has an opening for accessing the hollow center when using it for crafts. Sand and seashells, jelly beans, candy corn, coins, marbles, acorns and small pine cones will fit into these display cube vases, square vases, block vases, rectangular vases. These materials can be used to create a theme for an easy DIY holiday centerpiece. Very simple, inexpensive fillers for your centerpieces to make, yet, very outstanding elegant. Small strings of Christmas lights, battery operated candles and even pouring your own candle wax into the cube

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