Also called battery-operated candles or flameless candles, LED candles look like real flickering candles but do not get hot or pose a fire hazard. Made with a simple LED bulb, many of these candles are crafted to look like the real thing. Not only are LED candles realistic and safe, they are long lasting. A standard candle will give light for more than 100,000 hours, making these candles perfect for just about everything.

Since they can be used outdoors in all sorts of weather conditions, LED candles are ideal for outdoor decorations, such as those found on porches and along walkways. Beautiful and safe even in rainy conditions, these candles can be used for any outdoor gathering or party. They can even withstand windy conditions and remain bright regardless of the weather.

Flameless candles are lit with electricity not fire, which means there is no heat or smoke associated with them. This makes them ideal for windows or other areas of the home where curtains or drapes might be present. Since they are smokeless, they do not stain walls and can be placed close to other objects, whereas wax candles cannot for risk of starting a fire or staining the object with soot.

If there are pets or young children in the home, regular candles pose many risks, including burns and fire. All it takes is for a candle to get bumped or turned over for either of these things to happen. Battery-operated candles, on the other hand, are safe even if they are toppled, making them perfect for homes with little ones and pets.

There are many reasons to use LED candles. What's more, they come in a wide variety of colors and styles, making it possible to find the perfect candles for any occasion or decor. Since they last approximately 8,000 times longer than typical wax candles, they are also extremely efficient and cost effective.

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