Many of you  know the benefit of a candle.  Candles are the source of illumination that consists of an axis that is covered by solid fuel. Before the 19th century, the fuel used is usually a lot of beef fat that contains stearic acid. Today paraffin have replace animal fat and other source of unhealthy wax. With the spread of electric lighting, candles now more widely used for other purposes, for example in religious ceremonies, wedding celebration, hotel decor, restaurant setting, birthday celebrations, home decor, even as air freshener, etc..
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We are the number one supplier for inexpensive votive candle holder and bulk votive candle, when purchase candles from Millennium Candles you are promise  the best wax and also most  beautiful and elegant candles. Our candles are made in the USA with good quality and will be very suitable for use at your  Wedding Bridal Shower, Anniversary, Baby Shower, Baptism, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvah, Birthday, Confirmation, Communion, Corporate Event, Corporate Picnic, Engagement Ceremony, Family Reunion, Quinceanera, High School Prom, Graduation, School Reunion, Sweet Sixteenor even your home. With a beautiful model you can create an atmosphere of calm and relaxtation. For more information visit

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