With a candle for every need, Millennium Candles carries one for every occasion no matter what you want to illuminate.  And remember, all Millennium Candles are 100% palm wax, non-toxic, and feature lead-free cotton wicks.  These clean burning candles ensure that your only concern is which type you want to get.  Use a pillar candle to light up any room of your home.  Dripless taper candles are perfect for formal occasions in any dining room.  Votive, the true utility candle, look great on the mantle, the deck, or nestled in a cozy nook.  And tea light candles, with their recyclable tin containers, work beautifully as a team or by themselves under oil diffusers.


Our bulk Tea light Candle is a self-contained and is know as our little versatile candle. Don’t be fool by its size because it gives off efficient lightning and sold for less. At Millennium Candles we specialize in unscented Tea lights that’s made from are compression molded and set in aluminum cups or clear plastic cups with 100% cotton wicks. Our Tea light Candles are a great value and perfect for weddings, restaurants and parties. They can be used in potpourri burners, food warmers or any standard Glass Tea light Holder. Use them every day.  They are 0.5″(H) x 1.5″(W) and can burn 4-5 hours each. Our 500pcs tea lights are professionally packed to arrive quickly and undamaged. Make Millennium candles your candle supplier as we ship quickly. You candle count on us as all orders get shipped within 1 business day of your order. 


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