Why a Bulk Candle Purchase Can Help Your Business

If you are running a business that specializes in romantic occasions such as weddings or anniversary dinners, candles will always be on your shopping list. However, buying them individually can leave you short of the amount you need, over budget or, worst of all, unable to find what you need in sufficient quantities. A bulk candle purchase will solve all of these problems.

Getting Caught Short

The bride just emailed you and said she's added four more tables to the guest list for the wedding next week. Can you find sixteen more of those purple lilac candles you are using as centerpieces? If you had bought them in bulk, you would have plenty in storage. Instead, you are forced to spend an hour calling wedding supply stores all over the city, only to turn up empty-handed. Don't let this happen to you.

Going Over Budget

The romantic anniversary party you're in charge of wants tealights all over the venue, burning for the entire event. In this case, a bulk order is mandatory. Not only will all of the candles be uniform, but ordered a large amount of them will save you a ton of money.

For events where romance is the theme, candles are an integral part of the ambiance. if you are in charge of planning these events and making sure they run smoothly, running out of candles or going over budget will not impress your clients. Placing a bulk order and keeping plenty of the most-requested types and scents on hand can help avoid these debacles.   

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