Why You Should Have Emergency Candles

When you think of a candle, the images of romantic dinners and bubble baths may come to mind. It is often only when the lights go out that we remember the candle’s humble origins as a source of light and heat. 

If your family is like mine, you have a shoe-box of old Christmas and broken candles. These will work in a pinch, but they often have competing fragrances, are fast burning, and leave a waxy trail behind you wherever you go. 

I have now replaced my shoe-box with some emergency candles. These candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most popular seem to come in jars that are windproof, stay cool to the touch, never drip wax, and nearly smokeless. They also have long burn times, in some cases over a hundred hours.

As its name suggests, these types of candles are mostly for emergencies. A lot of families, especially those in the Midwest and in hurricane prone areas have emergency kits. These candles should definitely be a part of those kits. They will provide a safe light source and, in conjunction with the right lantern, are able to heat up precooked and canned foods. 

Lastly, this type of candle should always be kept in your vehicle. If by chance you slid into a ditch during a winter storm, it can literally save your life. One candle can provide enough heat to keep you and your passengers from freezing to death until help arrives. Just remember to crack you window.

The next time you think about candles remember they are not all made the same. Some will set a romantic mood, some will help you relax, and others are, literally, a light in the storm.

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