There’s a special beauty and tranquility to candles
With the advent of summer, we see that the global pandemic has another impact on our lives: cancellation, postponement or redesign of major celebrations, such as graduations, anniversaries and weddings. But still unable to hold large group gatherings, forcing people to be creative or waiting for it.. Many brides and grooms decide to move forward as planned, but adjust as needed-change to an outdoor environment and then relocating to a smaller venue or even turning to an at-home virtual ceremony for friends and family to join from around the world. Whether you hold a wedding in Zoom or in your backyard, you can move to a smaller venue, or even conduct a virtual ceremony at home for friends and family from all over the world to participate. Candlelight creates a simple and elegant decoration. Day or night, candlelight adds to the romantic atmosphere of most occasions and creates a festive feeling, even if there are only a few parties on this important day. Candles have always been equal to romance. Now, couples need more creativity than before. Candles can provide simple but stunning decoration options. Let your creativity run wild! For example Hang candle lanterns on trees or on ropes to increase light or provide visual obstacles. Use smaller, private seating areas to create easy-to-assemble candles. Bonfires allow candles to enter the event venue or romantically walk into the woods or to the beach

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