Why use Disposable Liquid Paraffin

If you want to bring classic style and sophistication to your special event, party, restaurant, hotel or church, we can provide a variety of candles for you to choose from. Our Liquid wax candles, also known as fuel cells, are a great option for those looking for a no mess alternative and to make an impressive statement.

Features a beautifully clean and crisp design, an elegant alternative to traditional candles. Besides the option of burn Time these candle will fit nicely into a contemporary or traditional setting.

The liquid fuel cell is designed to burn clean without soot. They are ideal for providing beautiful candlelight and to enhance your entertaining environment Simply just remove the lid, light the wick, then extinguish and relight as needed. We recommend always burn your fuel cell in candle holders. These fuel cells look great just about anywhere especially when pairs with our elegant Chic holders.

Liquid candles have been used in the food service and hospitality industry for over 20yrs. Especially since there’s No worries about wax dripping all over your dining table or inside of your candle holders. Thanks to its smoke-free design, it will not produce any unpleasant fumes or disturb your guests during meals. It also eliminates the distorted, unpleasant appearance of molten wax, ensuring an attractive appearance every time it is used

Why should I choose Liquid Fuel cell instead of traditional Candles

It is made of safe liquid paraffin, which can produce a real flashing flame and create a peaceful atmosphere. In addition, it will not melt the wax, so you can avoid the messy dripping phenomenon usually produced by standard wax candles.


Betty Castile

Date 3/16/2021

Shelly Abbott

Date 3/16/2021

Shelly Abbott

Date 3/16/2021

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Date 3/17/2021

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