Lovely Candles With No Dripping Or Smoking

Candles are a great way  in bringing in that really lovely Ambience of light! Patrician Candles are the go to for wedding centerpiece or any candle display at a special event. One thing you'll really appreciate about this particular that our candles are high-quality hand dipped candles. You know they're durable they're going to last a long time and they're really going to bring an element of life that will make your event very special.

Lets talk about some other benefits of these candles…  they are smokeless wick so they burn clean which is really a great benefit to have at your event. You’ll notice that our candles wick is extra long so if you need to put them into a deep holder, it would not be challenging. Because the wick is long enough you can hold onto it and put them into a deep holder such as a lantern or whatever you're using for your display. They’re  unscented so you know that they're not going to compete with any other fragrances that you have at your event  from the food to the flowers.

They are dripless so that also leads to a clean burn. They are made in the USA which is a great benefit as well! The biggest bonus of course is that they're all unwrapped. So when you buy them in bulk it's an easy way to set up for your event it takes less time in case you have a really small window of time at your Venue so that's a really great bonus to buy our event pack of candles.

They come in basic colors such as  Ivory and white which is a very versatile way of incorporating them into whatever color scheme you have at your event and we have lots of different kinds that will go great with whatever look you're going for. We have from  pillars to Votives  to the Tea lights and a taper candles  as well our 46 color pallet give you a wide selection to choose from.. We also have some great  candle accessories for all occasion that you can pair up with any of our candles.

Our Premium Candles are going to change the way  you plan for your events and make it a whole lot easier when you're using these really great high quality candles

Safety Tip:

Always burn candles within sight. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never light on or near anything that could catch fire. Avoid lighting candles in drafts. Use suitable containers to achieve optimum burning conditions. Please exercise caution when designing with candles.


Gene Jindal

Date 3/27/2021

I've been using this brand of candles with my floral arrangement for many years. These are really quality premium candles. They burn well and you don't have to worry about your candle dripping wax onto your floral arrangements.


Date 3/28/2021

Appreciate you sharing that safety tip! That's actually very important for candle lovers. I ordered the 3x9 unscented white for my daughters wedding and we were very please with the burn time. Patrician Candles I later learn is a leading name for quality candles.

Para Gimme

Date 3/30/2021

I love reading about candles almost as much as I like using them. Keep the blog coming I'm looking forward to more great candle blogs like this one.

Oahu Randy

Date 3/30/2021

I just want to leave an additional reminder for everyone to please remember to not leave any candles unattended or burning in areas of the house with drafts. We all love candles but we must always remember the danger that comes with an open flame, especially indoors

Nicholas Nives

Date 3/31/2021

Using real candles can create the perfect atmosphere. Of course safety is a must but quality brand is also essential. Along with interesting information about candle safety and tips for using candles. This article effectively highlight very important information. Millennium Candles you really shine the light on several important facts about candle brand and safety..

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