Candle Tips for Restaurants

Did  you know that the term candlelight dinner is search more than 2.5 million times on Google? That’s because the  element of a restaurant design makes all the difference in mood and ambience. When it comes to the glow  of  Candlelight choosing the right type of Candlelight will help you create the right mood for the environment.

Luckily when it comes to choosing the right candle for  Restaurants there are  several options that’s exist. Here are a few simple and practical tips that can help you make the right choice for your restaurant.

The first option is traditional wax candles like tea lights and Votives. These candles gives a  very authentic feel with a great flame these tend to work best in clear holder so you can see them.However they do have a downside as  wax can get messy and they require more labor each time you use them.

Another great option to choose from is the Disposable liquid Paraffin fuel cell  these are a great solution for restaurants. These liquid fuel cells are clear smokeless, orderless, ultra clean burning fuel that can be used indoor or outdoor. They require no clean up and  safe to use.

The third option is rechargeable flameless candle their weather and wind resistant making them a great outdoor patio solution when an open flame might not be appropriate like in some bars and nightclubs

A  final option is disposable flameless candles, these do not require charging. choosing the right type of candles can transform how customers receive and perceive your restaurants.  

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Kia Haystack

Date 3/22/2021

I like to use the flameless candle in our Restaurants. These types of candles have become very popular in recent years because you don't have to worry about accidentally catching fire while using them. You can still create a warm and inviting atmosphere without worrying about someone being burned or forgetting to put out the candles. Another reason why we like using them Is because they do not produce any smoke or heat, but are important light sources. These battery-powered candles have no stagnant light source. Instead, make them flicker and move in a manner similar to candles with flames, which makes them look natural

Tiffany Walters

Date 3/22/2021

Great article! But tea-lights are our candle of choice at the bar. We find that Grouping them together is the best way to enjoy the impact from these candles and make sure you have enough light.

Fredo Kingsley

Date 3/22/2021

I also enjoy using Tea-light too! I found that they create an incredibly intimate environment, and customers will react to the warm and intimate atmosphere. Because they are so small, you usually want to use more than one at a time to get the maximum impact from their small flames.

Beatrice Crow

Date 3/22/2021

Votives are the favorite for us! They are cost-efficient and they do not produce any smoke. They also burn for a long time. Another reason why we like using the is that ,when they burn all the way to the bottom, it will put itself out. This means you don't have to watch these candles closely or worry about them when they are about to go out. It's a safety thing for us

Dawn Emerald

Date 3/22/2021 10:34:53 PM

We've been using the Mega Tea-light from Millennium Candles in our winery and we get about 12-14 hours burn time .

Nori Boris

Date 3/22/2021

Good read but I did not see anything about taper Candles. Tapers have always been a preferred choice for many restaurants If you want classic candles that will immediately update your space and the appearance of your restaurants, then you will need to reach for the tall candlesticks. These are tall and usually very thin, they gives an incredibly elegant atmosphere. If you want to make a romantic dinner, or just light some candles to improve the atmosphere of your space, then tapers candles are a good choice

Julie Green

Date 3/22/2021

I agree with the others..... Good read! But I didn't see anything about Pillar candles as an option. 3X6 unscented White pillar candles have been a favorite of ours for over 15 years. Just make sure they are smoke-free and dripless. Another tip is If you don’t want to have to worry about having your candles in candleholders the way that you do with taper candles but still want the warm environment of Candlelight then pillars are the way to go

Harper Allen

Date 3/22/2021

See I'm not crazy about Pillar candles because when using a pillar candle, you need to make sure that you have the candle on a flat surface that is heat-resistant so that it will not damage the surface as the wick burns lower. It’s also important to make sure to keep an eye on your pillar candles as they are not in protective jars and can easily be knocked over if someone isn’t paying attention.

Lane Centauro

Date 3/23/2021

Tea lights are practical for us , we like the fact that they are small, lightweight, easy to hold, and can add flair to our restaurant. Cleaning up is a breeze because they can be discarded immediately after use.

Shtikey Choinski

Date 3/29/2021

These disposable Liquid Paraffin Liquid Fuel cell are a replacement of wax candle. They provides a longer lasting alternative to standard wax candles. So much cost-effective and easier to use

Robert O'brian

Date 4/1/2021

The glow of a candle flame adds a youthful flush to the skin. So it's very important to make sure the soft-light of a candle on a table perfectly illuminates & flatters the face

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