Candle Fire Safety Tips

Candles are more than just a beautiful adornment in your home, restaurant, hotel bar or an emergency source of light when the electricity goes out. Whenever life gets a little too hard, lighting up a couple of pillar candles, votives and tea lights will help you to relax your mind and body can surely give your spirit the lift it needs and deserves.

Because of the increasing demands and the stressful everyday life, more and more people are beginning to include these natural candles as part of their homes. Unfortunately, many candle users are not aware of the dangers posed by candles. Many fire accidents could have been prevented if only people have taken safety precaution when using these candles.


To ensure you and your family of safety when using candles, here are some safety guidelines for you to keep in mind:


Safety Tip 1: Never leave burning candles unattended. Although it sounds like common sense, this is the most important safety tip of all because a lot of people tend to overlook this simple reminder and many fires occur because of candles left unattended. Whatever you do, don’t forget to put the flame out before you leave the room or go to sleep.


Safety Tip 2: Keep the wicks of your candles trimmed to 1/4? to avoid carbon balls from forming and clogging the wick. Trimming also keeps the flame at the right size. A flame that is too high will cause the wax to burn unevenly making the candle emit smoke. Trim the wick with a wick trimmer you will need a wick trimmer or a pair of scissors to do the job.


Safety Tip 3: Don’t blow your candle out to extinguish the flame. Instead, snuff it by dipping the wick into liquid wax using a non-flammable tool such as a wick dipper. This will keep the wick at the center and prevent the wax from spraying.


Safety Tip 4: Keep burning candles away from drafts. Drafts from open windows, ceiling fans and heat registers can cause candles to burn extremely fast and unevenly. Burning candles near drafts is a fire hazard.


Safety Tip 5: Always burn your candles on steady, level, heat-resistant surfaces such as a ceramic tile at a far distance from combustible materials. Never place your candle on a surface that can melt or catch fire such as wood and plastic containers.


Safety Tip 6: Keep the area around the candlewick free from debris, dust or any piece of trash because this can create a fire hazard. Also, remove wick trimmings and never place matches or any flammable items in the candle.


Safety Tip 7: Allow your candle to continue burning for at least 3-4 hours to allow it to burn evenly. Burning for a short period of time can cause the candle to burn a hole down in its center.


Safety Tip 8: Never hold or pick up a candle while it’s burning. Its surface is too hot to touch and you may accidentally drop it. After you extinguish the flame, allow it to cool down first before you handle it.


Safety Tip 9: Keep children and pets away from candles.


Safety Tip 10: Put your candles in a place where it’s easy for you to keep an eye on them. Placing them in an obscure corner of your room can make you easily forget about putting the flame out.

Pillar candles, tea light, votive, lamp candles, fluid cell and unity candles MUST be handled with utmost care and safety.


Millennium candles can truly be a nice addition to your home–making the ambiance more pleasant and inviting and giving you a wonderful break from the daily stress of life.

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