Unique Style Square Candles
Candles are created to  show calmness and sexiness in any room. In addition of course to provide dim light, it can also be an option when you want to build a romantic atmosphere with that special person. Choosing the right candle is important as it can provide a lot of inspiration such as compassion, tranquility, elegance, etc.

 Well, if your looking for option you've  come to the right place, to buy the best  quality square candles. Millennium Candles is the place for the most competitive prices. Candles should be made by qualified industry professionals and the tendency now is to buy it online to find the cheapest price. The goal is to provide a wide range of choices for customers by delivering high-end goods with competitive price. 

Ok why should you Consider Using Square Pillar Candle?
While round pillars are the more common variety, square pillars have been gaining popularity for their unique, elegant look. They make fabulous additions to centerpieces, and other home décor, while also providing the warm  glow. Square pillars have their own unique personality and burn differently from a round pillar. Pillar candles naturally burn round, therefore when burning a square pillar candle, you will notice that the burn pool is round within the square edges. This means that the corners will take longer to burn than the center. It is because of this that square pillars should be burned for longer than round pillars. By burning your candle for longer, the corners will be reached and burned more completely. It is usually recommended to burn pillars for at least 3 hours, to prevent a well in the middle of your candle. If you find that the corners of your square pillar are not being reached in this time, try increasing the burn time. It is also important to fold in the edges, or ‘hug’ your  Square Pillar. This helps the heat from the flame reach the edges and corners of the candle, giving you a more even burn and preventing a well from forming. 

Square Pillar candles are  a style of candles which are large and wide. This creates a very long burning time as well as a bold decorative statement. If you want to make a strong statement  go ahead and and enjoy our square pillar candles!


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