What is a Candle light Vigil
What is a Candle Light Vigil?
A candlelight vigil is dignified, respectful, and offers a way to unite a community around a common cause, while doing justice to, and beautifully celebrating the life of the loved one being honored. It is a healing event; an opportunity for the community to come together and mourn as one.
Even thou its never easy to plan for these kind of event especially when our loved one is  taken from us too young, in cases such as natural disaster, illness, or homicide, a candlelight vigil can be a beautiful way to memorialize and honor the deceased, while (if appropriate or necessary) calling attention to important issues or events taking place in his or her community.
Because this is always a difficult time for many when it comes time for us to actually plan and execute a candle light vigil, things can become uncertain. We may be dealing with our own devastation and grieving process; if the cause of death was violence-related there may be additional trauma to process, or even additional violence to defuse.
 What should you consider when Planning A Candle Light Vigil?
This depends on the type of death and the true purpose of the vigil. If you’re holding the vigil simply to mourn the untimely loss of a member of the community, the site of the death may be an appropriate location. However, if part of the goal of the memorial is to draw attention to the issue that caused the death, holding the vigil on the capitol steps, in front of a courthouse or other appropriate government building would be in order.Make sure to hold the vigil at a time when the candles will have their most powerful visual impact (dusk or after), but not so late that mourners of all ages cannot attend.
What supplies Do you need?
It’s a good idea to order these supplies  ahead of time if possible and have a plentiful supply on hand at the vigil, for those who do not bring their own. Here at millennium candles we offer bulk wholesale prices on vigil candles, and drip protectors.
With a little foresight and planning, hopefully a memorial event can help bring closure to friends, families and communities, and function as an important first step towards social change, fundraising against diseases, and social justice.


Amy Davis

Date 3/22/2021

This is such good information! I'm so happy I stumbled upon this article. Good read ! Thanks for sharing

Jennifer Barnes

Date 3/22/2021

Every time I go into a new church, I light a candle for my parents, It’s my custom and a way of remembering them and acknowledging them.

Beverly Woodbridge

Date 3/22/2021

Lighting votive candles and vigil lights is a strong tradition in the Church that began at least 1,800 years ago, when lights were burned in the catacombs at the tomb of martyrs as a sign of unity with them. The lights kept “vigil”; hence they were named “vigil lights.”

Paul Wellington

Date 3/22/2021

We don’t light candles because God is going to be able to see and hear our prayer better, but because we need something visual to connect our body and our soul, he said. Even the Mass has this soul-body engagement when, for instance, we make the Sign of the Cross or kneel down.

B Melendez

Date 3/22/2021

Growing up I was taught that, By lighting the candle our prayer is physically represented, and we join our prayers to the light of Christ, explained Father Alar, allowing that light to burn on and on in our souls, even when we have left the church.

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