When to use Tea-light Candles vs Votive Candles

Do you know the difference between Tea-light candles & votive candles.

Tea-light candle:

A tea-light candle is actually a smaller candle option. It comes in it's very own contained cup. You can get tea lights in either an aluminum cup or a clear cup.

A votive candle is a little bit bigger of a candle option. The difference here is that a votive candle will completely liquidfy itself and it's little bigger than a tea-light. It does not have a contained cup. So this candle does need to be place in it’s own container.

Burn Time:

Burn time on Tea light candles can be anywhere from 3-5hours. This is important bases on what you need them for. You might just be having some friends over for dinner they might be there around 3 to 5 hours. This candles is a great option.

 A votive candle will burn 10 full hours in its holder, so this candle is really used more for weddings or corporate events so it’s going to last a really long time.

Clean up:

 When it comes to clean up tea light candles is much easier. Once your party is over you just toss it in the garbage and you're all done. Clean up is finished!

Your votive candle on the other hand might have a little wax left in it's container. And if your looking to reuse the holders then you might need to do some work. But don't you worry we have a quick fix......All you have to do is pop the holder in the freezer and the wax will contract and pop right out of the holder. Just give it a good clean up and you're all set for the next candle.


The cost of tea light candles can be as low as $0.08 a piece in the little aluminum cup or about $0.25 a piece with a clear cup.

Your votive candle if you already have your holder can be as low as $0.17 a piece. But if you need your holder and your candle you can get that combination for as low as $0.56 a piece.

 I'm sure we all love candle glow! who doesn’t .....Both of these candles have a beautiful glow when lit and the appearance can be just what you want it to be depending on your setting. So really at the end of the day both these candles can create a beautiful!…beautiful! beautiful appearance for your need.

So what are your needs?

Is it burn time? Is it the cost? Is it how easy it’s going to be to clean up after a long day? or long event? Or simply how beautiful it's going to look! So take both of these options think about it and create your very own AMAZING candlight


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